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A Higher View of Content: Five Common Words to Avoid | Business 2 Community

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It’s safe to say most people don’t spend a great deal of time planning their next sentence, unless you’re a super nerd like me and have a serious obsession with lexis and language. (True story: My friend and I are currently teaching ourselves to speak Middle English – for no other reason than for sheer delight.)

Think of Words as a Choice

We have tens of thousands of words to choose from, so why would we overuse any of them? I’ve had the pleasure of working with all types of writers – the young, the veteran, the newly published, the inexperienced, and the journalist. I’ve spent time as a writing coach, an English teacher, and an editor. Naturally, I began to notice patterns in writers’ errors and stylistic blunders.

I’ve compiled an ever-growing list of ineffective words that should be avoided like a camera on a bad hair day. Today, I’ll reveal the most common five. Keep in mind, I’m not advocating for the death of the following words. Every word has its place, but the following five are vague, redundant, and overused….

[Great reminder for writers, bloggers, marketers ~ Jeff]

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