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CNN Reporter Hits The Deck While Reporting On Incoming Hamas Missile Fire | Mediaite

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CNN’s boots-on-the-ground coverage of the violence in and around Gaza City has yielded some dramatic, if possibly flawed, results.

The network dispatched marquee talents Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper to the region late Sunday, to round out a complement of ten CNN reporters in the region. During a live shot Sunday night, Anderson Cooper was startled by a nearby explosion in Gaza City, but continued his reporting largely unfazed. On Monday morning, foreign correspondent Frederik Pleitgen was forced to calmly hit the deck in the middle of his report to CNN Newsroom anchor Carol Costello when an incoming Hamas missile triggered an alarm.

Reporting from the Israeli town of Ofakim, near the border with Gaza, Pleitgen told Costello, “This is a town that’s been hit by a lot of rockets in the last couple days. They have had rocket sirens go off earlier today. Really this entire region has had a lot of rockets coming in, especially in the past couple hours.”

Moments later, as if on cue, Pleitgen said “We have an alarm going off right now. I am going to have to seek cover. We’re going to go over here. Let’s get the camera down off the tripod, we’re going to have to get into safety.”…

[We can be critical of some of the weaknesses and flaws of media and journalists but this story reminds us of the guts it takes to report from a war zone like Gaza City. ~ Jeff]

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